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When it comes to picking dogs Sam is the king. And the way he teaches will help anybody get profitable right away.
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Wow, your Customer service has been Outstanding!! I truly appreciate that, and its very rare. Your systems have done very well for me, mentally and financially.
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I am finally able to make a profit and in a fraction of the time it took me to pick losers everyday and you book makes it easy too.
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Like most people I spent a lot of time looking for games and still lost. Not only did you teach me to make money betting, but I spend less than 15 minutes a day on it. I cant thank you enuff.

You can win, but only if you understand the game…

The REAL game is between you and the books to see who can get the monetary advantage on bets. It has nothing to do with the teams on the field, or the sport.

To win that game, you must learn the truth about the most basic fallacies that are mistaken as “common knowledge” by every sports bettor.

Until those fallacies are addressed, and corrective action taken by the bettor, the book will continue on it’s merry way laughing all the way to your bankroll.

So let’s expose some of the Fallacies, and replace them with the Facts.

The Fallacy of Winning Percentage

Most people believe that you have to win  52.4% of their bets to make a profit.

If you are betting point spreads and totals, that is correct. But if you are betting on +150 dogs you only need to win 40% to break even. And if you are betting -150 favorites you need to win 60% to break even.

So obviously, it is NOT necessary to win over 50% of your bets to be profitable.

The truth is, your winning percentage is directly tied to the lines you play. It has nothing to do with your handicapping skills, and a higher winning percentage actually makes you less likely to win money because it is a result of playing bad lines that place you under a HUGE disadvantage.

So here is the Fact to replace the fallacy…

The higher the break even percentage of the lines you play, the less likely you are to make a profit.

The Fallacy of Handicapping

You likely consider yourself a handicapper. You are not.

The sports books themselves are the handicappers, and they are BY FAR the best in the business.

The spreads and lines the books put out are usually a pretty accurate assessment of the probabilities, but that is not what wins them the cash.

They win because they are good at taking control of the monetary advantage and manipulating your fallacy based tendencies, not because they are good handicappers.

The books get you to VOLUNTARILY put yourself under a HUGE monetary disadvantage before the game even starts.

As long as they can do that, they couldn’t care less about your handicapping skills. And as long as you do that, improving your handicapping skills is pointless.

They can get away with it because they have convinced you they are deserving of such a huge advantage at your expense for the privilege of taking your money.

So here is the Fact to replace the fallacy…

The books have already handicapped the game, so to win you need only concern yourself with finding the monetary advantage IN THE LINES on the bets you make.

The Fallacy of the “Vig”

If there is one thing that continually amazes me it is the acceptance by sports bettors of the “Vig”. Especially when the books charge almost 10% of your winnings and call it normal.

Would you join a coin flipping game where the guy flipping the coin takes 10% on every flip you win, and 100% on every flip you lose?

There is a word for someone who would play that game…


Yet that is exactly what the point spread bettor does on EVERY BET.

Have you ever asked why the book is worthy of such a gift?

And have you ever asked yourself if there is a bet somewhere on the card that will allow you to start out on at least an even footing with the books?

Believe me when I tell you those bets are available every single day and your ability to find them is the difference between winning and losing.

The Fact to replace the fallacy….

The “vig” is a way for the books to fleece the unsuspecting and your main job is to avoid it. There are many bets every single day that allow you to bypass the “vig” and not only start out on equal footing, but gain a monetary advantage on the books.

The Fallacy of Spreading the Risk

The next fallacy most people believe is that of “Spreading the Risk”. That is, using smaller units and making several bets hoping to win more of them than you lose.

Let me assure you that making more bad bets does not “Spread the Risk”. Instead it minimizes the potential profits and at the same time multiplies risk.

I have done the math many times, and proven in real life experience, every single time you will profit more by wagering your entire daily risk on the best game of the day than you will by splitting up the amount over several games.

Just like the books want you to take their bad lines, they want you to bet a lot of them so they have convinced some pretty smart people that making a lot of bad bets is better than making one good one.

I am comfortable in saying that 99.9% of all sports bettors place too many bets on any given day they bet. Those who don’t are already my customers and know better.

The Fact to replace the fallacy….

It is far better and infinitely more profitable to place your entire daily wager amount on the game that has the best chance of paying out on any given day.

Those are just a few of the fallacies that keep even the smartest bettors losing. It’s really sad because the books are not that hard to beat if you understand their business model and where their weaknesses are. That’s what you will learn in DIY Sports Betting. With my top notch support, you are one click away from never having another losing year betting on sports.

Once you accept fallacy as fact, the truth is lost along with any hope of winning.

I have told you some of the fallacies that cause you to lose, and the Facts you should use to replace them.

You don’t need to get better at handicapping. The books have already done all of that work and they do it far better than you ever will.

You don’t need to obsess over the stats because they don’t matter. A statistical advantage on a bad bet will still lose money over the long term.

You don’t need to pay somebody else to make picks for you. I can assure you, based on their public picks, they are no better than you at picking games. Besides, they don’t bet their own picks so why should you?

What you do need is a little uncommon knowledge like ….

  • A simple Basic Strategy that guarantees you have a monetary advantage on every bet.
  • Where to find the advantage and why the books are forced to put it there.
  • How to build a small bankroll into a big one with little risk of busting it.
  • The optimum number of bets to place each day, and why.
  • The best size betting unit to play that allows for rapid bankroll growth and limited risk.

I will tell you all of that and a LOT more.

Some of it you will have trouble believing until you prove it to yourself.

The books have you hoodwinked, and it is so bad that when somebody like me comes along and exposes their secrets you probably think I am crazy, or a scammer, and don’t believe a word of what I say.

I am a realist, and I crunch the numbers. I have been helping people win money now for over 10 years. Many of those people have become friends and have been for years now, not because I scammed them, but because I helped them in a BIG way.

I have learned that people appreciate my help when they accept it, but most of all they appreciate my honesty and integrity in my dealings with them. I am proud that after 10 years there is not a single bad review on my systems, or me.

But also in that time I have learned that about 98% of the people that come to this page will just click away and dismiss everything I have told them. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the books say 98% of all sports bettors lose money doing it.

Most people will stick with a believable lie rather than accept they may have been given some bad information. Many would rather continue losing because of the “normalcy bias” than to try something different and win.

And the saddest thing of all is that a lot people believe investing in themselves and their future is a waste of money. Even if I guarantee the money back if I don’t deliver on my word and they don’t start winning.

Most people make back their investment within the first week…

It’s sad that so many people just click away because I know how easy the books are to beat if you remove their advantage and take it for yourself instead. And I know how easy it is for me to teach someone like you to do just that.

I know I can’t help everybody because most people don’t want help.

That’s just life.

But if you don’t give up on yourself, I will not give on you until I have you betting at a nice profit.

The choice is yours. It’s a choice between winning with something new, or to keep doing the same things you do now.

If you want to keep doing the same things, and getting the same results, I can’t help you. No hard feelings, and good luck.

Now if you are ready for something new and different, with GUARANTEED results, just click the button below.


I understand that you might need a little more detail about what you will be getting before making a decision…

So here it is….

Sam Oconnels Sports Betting Strategy Guide

This power packed 35 page PDF ebook will tell you everything you need to know to build a winning strategy and create for yourself a monetary advantage that the sports books can never overcome.

In it’s simplest terms, sports betting is just a game. It is not much different than any other game the casinos offer, with one major exception.

In sports betting YOU control the rules of the game…

The Sports Betting Strategy Guide will tell you exactly how to establish favorable rules for every aspect of sports betting. Rules that guarantee YOU will have an advantage on every bet.


Once you have read this book, you will see sports betting in a way thay you never have before.

You will know exactly what you have to do to beat the books. You will have set rules to make your life easier and guarantee your profits.

You will no longer waste countless hours looking at stats for phantom advantages on bad bets.

You will gain and maintain complete control over every aspect of the Sports Betting game and there is NOTHING the books can do about it.

Sam Oconnels Major League Baseball Betting System

It is an old adage in business that if you want to succeed, go where the money is. In sports betting, the real money is in Major League Baseball and this system will tell you how to get it.

The main part of the system is a few rules, Do’s and Don’ts for picking games. Winning is always about controlling the rules you play by, and baseball is no exception.

You will also find links to the information you need to look at when trying to determine which game is the best one and most worth your money.

Also included is an example of picking a game, using screenshots from the information pages.

There is nothing hard about making money on baseball. If you follow the Basic Strategy, there is no way to lose.

There are a lot of people who don’t bet baseball because they don’t like the game. Don’t be one of them if you want to make big money on sports betting.

If you don’t bet on baseball, you are leaving most of the money on the table. And if you don’t bet according to this system, you are leaving even more.

Sam Oconnels NHL Betting System

The NHL offers the sports bettor another profitable option, but like baseball many people just don’t like the game so they don’t bet it.

And while everybody understands baseball, many people do not know anything about hockey. I can count myself in that group, but that doesn’t make the sport any less profitable.

You see, the game with the books is the same, no matter who is playing or what sport they are playing. Because hockey is a low scoring with a lot of league parity, there are profits to be made.

The NHL betting system makes it easy.

You can either bet on the money line, or the puck line.

With detailed examples you can successfully bet either type of bet.

The information you need is linked to right in the system ebook.

Hockey is a great way to profit betting on sports, and this system is a great way to bet hockey.

Sam Oconnels NBA Basketball Betting System

The NBA can be tough to profit in because it is a spread sport and the most prevalent bet is on a terrible line the books will always have an advantage with. Just because most people decide to bet at a disadvantage doesn’t mean that you have to.

The NBA betting system recognizes the fact that the NBA has the least parity of all the sports and starts out by showing you how to create parity in the games you bet, even if the league lacks it.

Another stumbling block is that the home court advantage is pretty big in the NBA.

The NBA also offers some of the biggest payouts available, on some pretty good teams that are in line with the Basic Strategy.

This NBA betting system is designed to help you get those big payouts more frequently so you never have to waste your profit buying and selling points.

Sam Oconnels NFL Betting System

The NFL is not only the sports that makes the books most of their money over the course of a year, it is also not coincidently the hardest for the bettor to show a profit in.

My NFL betting system is designed to find dogs with good payouts that have a legitimate chance of winning for you.

With conservative application this system will allow you to become the exception and actually win money during the NFL season.

I will tell you which games to look at, and what to look at to give you an advantage over the books.

In order to gain an advantage in the NFL you have to spend a little time looking at some specific stats to make sure the teams are pretty even. It doesn’t take that long, but still more time than the other sports.

I bet sparingly on the NFL, but still profitably, and with this system you will profit too.

BONUS BOOK — How to Build Your Bankroll

If you want to profit long term from sports betting, you need good money management.

Would you start a business without any accounting, or a plan for growth? Then why would you expect long term success in sports betting without taking those same steps?

Before I started winning, it didn’t make a lot of difference that I was clueless about managing money. The extent of my money management was sending more in to the books every now and then.

But when I was taught the things I will be teaching you and started winning, I needed to control the money so I would know when to take some out. More importantly, was growing the bankroll to a big enough size that when I did cash out some profits it would do more than buy a nice dinner.

Necessity lead me to create the bankroll building system in this ebook. I know from personal experience it works, and it has received very good feedback from my customers.

How good can it work? I was able to take a single $100 bankroll with a $10 betting unit and turn it into TWO $1,000 bankrolls (a playing bankroll and a backup) with a $100 betting unit in less than two years using the exact same systems you are about to get.

I have been playing on the houses money ever since, and generally double the playing bank (and cash out) two to four times a year.

While this book is not really a part of the systems, it is one of the most important pieces of information you will come across when it comes to building your own sports betting empire.

Now is the time to do something that will change your losing ways. There is some money to be made by the smart sports bettor.